Friday, August 26, 2011


Dear Boboy..
Boboy dah tak yah suffer lagi.. Boboy dah berada disampingnya.. Aries tak sangka.. It would be so fast... There r still plenty of things for us to catch up on.. Things to share.. Things to laugh at.. Tapi.. Dah tak de time.. That day.. Last Monday.. U joked.. U laughed.. U smiled.. I was very glad i could witness all that though.. U were slurring n we couldn't understand u stm.. We talked abt Reservist.. Abt food.. Abt hanging out.. Abt wings concert.. It was.. D last of d happy times... Thank u.. For those memories.. For enduring ur pain n suffering.. Jus to joke and entertain us... Yesterday.. I was glad.. I didn't run errands as wat I planned to.. I made my way to d hosp.. Upon reaching.. I saw u grunting.. Making noises and I wasn't sure if u known was there.. I called out to u.. But u jus kept quiet.. Looked up.. N jus made those sounds once in a while.. D nurse came n said they had to chk ur diapers n turn u around.. I went out .. I heard u cry.. It sounded so sad and helpless.. Then I heard u called 'mak'.. Using d last bit of energy that u had.. I feel so sad..helpless that I could do anything.. As I sat by d side crying.. Ur mum came.. I wiped my tears.. Don't wan her to c me cry.. For she had been so strong.. Going thru all this.. After a while we could come in.. We jus looked at u.. Stroking ur arm once in a while.. U kept offering ur hand to ur mum. she held on.. U kept making sounds.. Mayb telling her u cannot hold on much longer... But she couldn't understand.. She said ,'boy asal macam Gini.. Besok nak balik..' little did we all know.. U did balik boy.. To our Creator.. Allah SWT... She was happy that u could go home.. She took a wk off work so that she can look after u.. On Wednesday she went to learn how to feed u thru the tube.. she went chattering on happily.. Hopeful that u'll get better. I wanted to share with her how wonderful a mother she is to Boboy.. Told her Boboy shared with us that she has magical hands.. He said that whenever magrib.. He'll have headaches.. N said he'll hv to quickly look for Mak.. Coz Mak has magical hands that wen she put her hand on his forehead.. His pains were 'settle'.. That's wat he said.. I turned away after telling her that.. Moments later She cried as she tells me of times when Boboy was sick.. He was very clingy to her.. Wanted her to b there at the hospital all d time but she told him.. That she had to work.. Before i left.. I said my gdbyes to Cik Munah and u Boboy.. Cik Munah said oh u were sleeping coz u were snoring.. Those ur last moments..

Cik Munah called me after buka.. Told me that u have turned blue and doctor r trying to revive u.. I know uncouldnt make it boy.. Coz when d doc allowed u to go home.. It means.. There's no hope.. But I jus couldn't bear to tell Cik Munah..I hd wished so much for u to get better.. Play with my kids.. Chill.. Catch up.. But it jus didn't happen..

At ur funeral today.. Lots of ur frens came by.. U r well loved by all.. All had high praises of u.. Cik Munah.. She was devastated.. She's alone.. But we'll try to keep her company boy.. U r d link that links us together.. Without u..:((( I still m coming to terms with ur demise Boboy.. We literally grew up together!! A brother that I never had!!

Allah SWT sayangkan Boboy.. Selamat tinggal Boboy... Al fateha

Thursday, August 25, 2011


My dear Boboy.. Telah pergi.. Al fateha

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My cousin..

Boboy my cousin.. Please fight on.. Be that 10%.. we love u boy..:((

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ain't good

Ain't feeling gd .. Y.. Coz I whacked Ub jus now in sch.. After sitting down n doing some self reflections.. I was guilty.. Whacking wasn't d answer.. I whacked him coZ I wasn't happy wif what he did.. N also coZ I don wan ppl to say how bad my boy is.. But that's not d way.. I bring up my child my way n not bcoz wat others say..

Shall remember that!!!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Abang n kakak

Abang n kakak had choc ice cream.. It was so nice to c abang cleaned kakak's mouth and told her 'dah clean already' n kakak walked away after that.. So heartwarming.. Great job abang!!


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Blogging again

I hope to blog again.. But time is really not in my side now..

So for now I can jus do a fast blog.. Thru email..

Busy busy busy

With work.. Kids..

Still trying to juggle..

D first week of work was a riot.. Chaos.. Knocked out everytime I reach home..

This is d second wk n I hope i can try organize n juggle my time...

Insya Allah..